Unlikely Friends

A story of two Unlikely friends- A Dinosaur and his Little Elephant fella friend. Join them on their adventures, interact and create your own story.

What I want to create is series of children’s books dedicated to a storytelling of years gone by. A story with a message, a story with adventure and moral guidance built in. I am not trying to create what everyone else is trying to create. But rather a series of books dedicated to diversity, fun and a lesson along the way.Building on my own and friend’s experiences. I hope to challenge the norm, unleash the creative and create time for parents and child alike to enjoy the experience and adventure of learning and creating their own narrative.With an abundance of characters and storylines.I hope to capture a generation by the uniqueness of the characters and dedication to the storyline.


From the blunt blue dinosaur to the crazy weather orientated crocodile, from the hyperactive elephant to the wise-cracking beagle. I believe what I am about to create with dedication is something that transfers effortlessly across all media forms and creates a huge opportunity for syndication and expansion globally.

Unlikely Friends

  • ISBN Softcover: 9781367376410
  • Publish Date Aug 09, 2016
  • Language English

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