About Me


Hi, I’m Eamonn O’Laighin, thanks for visiting my website. Like most things in life, it’s fluid and ever evolving. I have always been a person who doesn’t sit still and enjoys everything life throws at me. Good, bad or indifferent every moment is a learning experience and one to learn from and improve. I’m not saying it’s always easy, but instead of being a passenger of my future I prefer to the be a driver.

I have now nearly 20 years experience in Investment, Asset management, Operations, Treasury, Portfolio Management, Trading, Risk Management with management, exposure and knowledge of a whole lot more. I have worked and managed in some of the largest financial institutions in the world and navigated through some of the most challenging sovereign and market crises to date. Usually, I’m the first in the office and this is by choice. Mornings determine the success of your day and wisely organizing your time, tasks and meetings means negating any pitfalls and ensuring a constructive and profitable day.

I have traveled the world and enjoy going off the beaten track and picking the unusual over the obvious. I read profusely and am an avid rugby fan. I have lived now in many countries and am never frightened of change or a new challenge. Each has brought something different and unique to the table. The one thing they have in common is that I have learned from and enjoyed them all.

I am currently studying/improving my  German and also working on my accreditation for project management (PMP). Learning a new language has been extremely challenging and I am constantly striving to improve. I have written several newspaper articles, created a rugby podcast, created one children’s book and am about to have another book published in relation to Asset Management. So I am always keeping active and relevant in the market.

So that’s a little about me, all links below to check me out more or get in contact.

I look forward to working for your organization soon and proving exactly what I can do.





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Currently looking for new opportunities full time or consultancy globally.

Areas of Expertise
• Integrated Front, Middle and Back Office Operations
• Black Box Thinker
• Cash Liquidity/Trade Management & Execution
• Cross-Cultural Talent Training and Development
• Strategic Business Planning and Execution
• Relationship Management/Business Development
• High Productivity with Collaborative Approachability
• Complex Change Management
• Banking/Investment/reporting Systems Implementation (EMIR/MFID)
• Process Improvement and enhancement
• Risk Management and Mitigation
• Continuity Planning
• Project Management and Managment Consultancy
• Fiscal Accountability and P&L Management



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