arpaFX – The Future of Trading

arpaFX GmbH is an innovative financial technology provider with strong scientific and technical background, based in Switzerland. Our service enables privileged access to full autonomous, automatic predicting & trading systems, equipped with the most advanced methods of artificial general intelligence.

Completely Autonomous

Our technology service is designed to act completely autonomous with zero human interaction which substantially improves the companies bottom line and prevent from possible human errors.

Automatic Operation

arpaFX provides a full automated orderplacement service, constantly managing the clients FX portfolio, day by day, 24 hours 7 days a week.


Self-Learning / -Adapting

Our technology is based on the most advanced methods of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) continuously verifying, improving and adapting its own interaction with the foreign exchange market.


arpaFX Gmbh was founded by top level scientists, IT and financial market experts in 2014. Our objective was to make a robust, pioneering Artificial General Intelligent technology available for institutional money managers. We are strongly driven to establish our scientific leadership role as a global financial technology provider for institutional investors and banks. arpaFX GmbH develops novel and trendsetting technologies with scientific proven prediction probabilities to generate risk-averse and reasonable performances in the long run.


arpaFX GmbH offers a clearly defined technology solutions for the autonomous prediction and subsequent electronic trading of currencies. This disruptive AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) technology will transform financial business, incumbent financial systems and corporations resulting in the global economy while cognitive architecture is used. Our products are physically located within a high-Security Data Center to provide fast and reliable order placement and execution signals.

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