Ireland from the eyes of an Indian-IDA Blog


 a blog by Tanaz Buhariwalla, Director, IDA Ireland India

I was introduced to Ireland and the Irish way of life in 2011, when I started working for IDA Ireland in India.   The more I learnt about Ireland, the more the place captivated my imagination.   Both, the land and the people of Ireland, fascinated me.  A lot has been said about the Irish people. Their warmth, ready wit and friendliness make them one of a kind! I learnt this for myself on my travels to Ireland and and my interactions with the locals there and also through my work colleagues/partners.

India and Ireland have a shared heritage and a similar history. The independence struggle and the educational ties between the two countries led to an exchange of people and ideas before our respective independence. But then, things suddenly came to a standstill. Post independence, both the countries got busy with their own internal challenges, and wanted to stand on their own, to make a mark internationally.

The newly formed governments of the two countries inherited issues of Illiteracy & poverty, and had a lot of challenges to face.  Both the countries had quite a journey over the ensuing years, which could make for an interesting reading and learning topic. Today however, the roads of the two countries are merging again, in various fields of education, tourism, trade and politics.  There is an increased two-way flow in all the above areas, some of which I will share in my future blogs.

I end today by sharing that I feel privileged.  Privileged because I am a proud Indian and my country is the fastest growing economy in the world! And I am also part Irish, because once you come in contact with anything Irish, it rubs off on you! I am proud of the fact that I represent an Irish government department, in India – Ireland is the fastest growing economy in Europe!

There is a lot I have to share with you, stay tuned for some insightful knowledge about Ireland and India.


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