Motivational Speeches- What can we learn from sport.

Deliver Inspiring Speeches at Work

One of the fastest ways to make a positive impression at work is by being inspiring when you deliver your department or team speeches.There are four elements of speech delivery that can help most managers inspire others. So, to deliver inspiring speeches, offer more energy, use a viewpoint that is future focused and positive, connect your speech to a bigger picture, and choose powerful words.

Offer more energy and emotion

Research has found that emotions and the energy associated with them are contagious. Think of the people you work with. Who brings you energy? Who drains you? Do you drain or offer energy to others? To be inspirational you will need to show your energy. Think of times when you’ve been animated. Maybe you were involved in a favourite sport or hobby. Are you willing to bring that kind of passion to your workplace?

But having more energy doesn’t mean that we have to jump around waving your hands.If we think of people who have inspired us, they probably had lots of dynamism and character. If we want to inspire others, we will need to have found our unique ways of expressing energy.

Use a viewpoint that is future focused and positive.

To be inspiring we need to be positive, build a vision, and be future focused.

If we use a positive frame we don’t ignore bad news but we concentrate on growth through challenges.

What this means is that we paint a picture using the small details which help our team/department visualise and connect to our goal and that of the company. We are future focused when we build a vision. We can help our audience understand that the current struggles will lead to important gains and be beneficial for all.

Connect your speech to a bigger picture

In order to deliver inspiring speeches, we need to have a purpose or objective. It is sometimes difficult to think of a larger purpose that can galvanise others, sometimes during difficult and changing times. One useful tool is a set of questions which can help us uncover our purpose. These questions can also give us more specific details to use in our message.

Choose powerful simple words

In addition to these other elements, our word choice is very important. We want to avoid generic or cliché phrases and use words that are decisive, engaging, and unexpected. Don’t over complicate things and always keep it simple and short.

To be decisive means that we aren’t half-hearted but are full of conviction.

Finally, we must never forget the power of narration and stories…

Examples of how sport inspires below. Ask yourself after hearing these speeches .. would you be motivated?


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