Things To Know if Relocating to Munich

Things To Know if Relocating to Munich

A few tips and pointers if you are still considering that relocation to Munich.Munich is an amazing city with amazing people. If you get the chance to experience it through work. My advice, jump at the chance.

1. Summer is when Munich really comes alive Bikes, beer gardens, Englischer Garten and the living is easy.

2.  Cycle. It really helps that there are bike paths everywhere. You will soon become accustomed to the very energetic Polizei and their ticketing.Also the very specific and self-regulated Bavarian rules of the road for cyclists

3. Learn to ski. Getting out into the Alps is easy and inexpensive. No matter what your level.There is something for everyone. The apres ski is excellent also.Prost!

4. Explore your surroundings. Munich is surrounded on all sides by amazing nature; lakes, rivers mountains. Munich is highly rated in several quality of life surveys and polls. Get out and explore, you will not regret it.

5. Bavarians. Bavarians can be real grumps, and are often closed and hard to get to know (but if you persevere you will find gold!) Without any context you might extend this to all Germans. One trip to Köln or Berlin will clarify this.

6. Leopoldstr. and Marienplatz do not Munich make! If this is all you see of Munich, than you haven’t seen Munich. Much of what is most interesting in Munich lies to the south and east of the city center (as well as other parts of the city). The thing about Munich is that it’s not that easy to drop into the city and immediately get a feel for everything that’s going on

7. There’s a huge expat scene.  But partake with caution! or you’ll live in an expat bubble your whole time here, and that would be a shame.15. The Location in Europe can’t be beat. The whole thing about Munich being the ‘northern most city in Italy’ is true. By car you’re in Italy in two hours, Austria in about one. You can drive to the Mediterranean in six hours. Everywhere is about a two hour plane flight away.

16. A good apartment is hard to find and very expensive. It’s painfully competitive. Germany is the economic engine of Europe, Bavaria is the economic engine of Germany and Munich is the economic engine of Bavaria. Rents are commensurate to this circumstance. You should always be looking.

17. People here go ape-shit for Christmas and white asparagus. Christmas I get, not the white asparagus.

18. Beer Gardens! Why other cultures have not seized on this excellent way to use public space is beyond me. You can bring your own food (as long as you buy drinks), there are always playgrounds built in, so parents can hang out and let there kids run around and they’re a perfect low-stress meeting place for groups, first dates or friends in the middle of a busy shopping day.



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