History Repeating Itself in Ireland Again

I wrote below article back in late 2009. I just found it recently and decided to share again because it seems Ireland and potentially the rest of Europe does not learn from history. Writing update to below and solutions currently.

December 2009

When looking into the abyss, many people/countries/corporations may pause and ask “How did we get here?”.Not Ireland and not Ireland’s banking system.They looked into the abyss and saw an opportunity rather than a cataclysmic event that would hasten their demise. They smiled as their foot crested the lip of the hole and without hesitation or deviation fell willingly into its mouth of uncertainty.

Ireland’s contempt for regulation, accountability, social responsibility and corruption is unsurpassed on a global stage. Ireland has always been a different creature than its European counterparts and sometimes an unwilling photocopy of its much-maligned commonwealth neighbour England. Ironically, the animal attributed to the Ireland of the boom years was the tiger. An endangered species much revered around the world and an important reminder of the destruction of the old world and contempt for a natural equilibrium and appreciation of all things wonderous.Such a small island has left a lasting footprint and a stain upon the flag of Europe and Ireland itself.we are embarrassing, unremorseful and still uncountable.We scorn our government, moan at our leaders, grumble at our banks and yet do nothing about it. We take no action, propose no solutions and turn a blind eye to corruption, ineffective governance and our inertia for a change.We are a nation adrift of reason, own common sense or purpose. A country shackled by ineptitude and apathy.

Time has been no great healer and lessons have not be learned. We are doomed to repeat our past mistakes with blissful neolithic incompetence.Is it to do with our history, our culture, our education, our faith or our unpatriotic sense of self-deprecation and begrudgery. While some things applied to the Irish are unflattering and untrue.The energy of the Irish is unsurpassed. A nation that has faced so much yet comes back for more. Few countries in this global village have such a recognisable brand and warmth. What other country gets to celebrate the national day on a global basis, in cities, towns and villages around the world?

We have exported the best and worst of our nation. Our country aspires to be Irish in a way that is out of sync and outdated with its current iteration.

We were at one stage the darlings of Europe. We had an educated population that was in demand on a global stage. We had legislation to encourage inward investment, job creation, and innovation.We had entrepreneurs, scientists, innovators, thinkers and world leaders.

Do we still?

We have let the workings of government, banking and regulation distort the work and achievements of so many on the Emerald Isle. We have not changed and are not changing. We are languishing in a shadow of apathy and anger.

As a race, we are still headstrong, creative, intelligent, warm and educated. No island race in the history of the world has the energy and persistence to ours. I hope the dogged nature and love of natural justice will come back to dominate and propagate once again on the emerald isle.

Wishful thinking or a realistic goal for nation tethering on the edge of desperation and despair


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